Monday, December 12, 2011

The Song

The winter breeze finds its way
The brown leaves but follow along
The sun now too shy to shine
She leans against the big brown tree
Her last effort to search the song…

“There is no song written to last each winter,
No love ever made, to keep it warm
I’ve seen too many” says the big brown tree
“Wait no longer, my fair maiden..
For you shall but, face the storm…”

She bothers but about the storm inside her
No rush of water, no guzzling wind of the day…
“Oh tree! I bother not if you protect me,
for die one day everyone shall
Judge me not by my size, I shall search & I shall stay…”

“You have seen the forest and the travellers
You have seen winters and summers together
For you know the paths like your own
Guide me and you shall not repent
For I’m ready to tread, no matter the weather…”

The Sun this once shines upon her face
The tree at once sees the spark
Like no other, no wind, no feather
He knows he can’t but change her mind
Afraid she might be lost in the dark…

“Run away but close to silence
Where you hear no other but voice your own
Look not around but inside” He says
“You shall there find a beautiful lady
And the secret of the song will be known”

She understands not what the Big Tree says
But she runs with all her might afar
Beyond the mountain the noises fade
Walking is silence, with a heart now heavy
She can see but Orion her favourite star

She sits crying in silence to what has now become
Her tears not seen, her cries heard by none
Her heart speaks for once so loud
“You are the poet and you are the song”
The night slowly fading she knows she won’t last till the Sun…

She writes in a hurry with no time to waste
Of her journey and the path she wades
Of the Sun, the Soul, the Heart and the Tree
Of what you now in your hand hold
She writes it all and then she fades...