Thursday, December 2, 2010

Ain't no sunshine...

With two yellow roses in my bag

music in my ears and no one to nag

I lift myself up and look at the sun

trying to figure out why I smile at no one

Wondering when I will return that smile

this hurt has stayed with me for a while

This burden gets heavy for me to bear

hurting everyone, far or near

No feeling, no warmth, no happiness exist

there is all confusion, a thick mist

I beg you Thee, to help me sail through

the options are many, but days are few...


I am nice, I am bad

I am happy, I am sad

I am here, I am gone

I am right, I could be wrong...

I can smile, I can cry

I could see you just walk by

I can win, I could lose

I could fly high, if I choose...

I am the river, I am the sea

Its just tootough to be me

I am hated, I am loved too

I hate the dust, I love dew...

I wonder, I sleep, I run, I walk

I dream, I think, I write, I talk

I look at the sky, I question Thee

Why, is it so difficult to be me...

I am quiet, I am away

I might send no messge your way

Don't be disheartened, dont lose hope

My life, my friend, is all up slope...

I want to be the bird flying high

I want to be the baby who smiled just passing by

Their is but a long way to go

My tears are frozen, my feelings don't show...

I am confused, I am hurt

I've faced a lot and their's more dirt

I might be drowning but, I will learn

I'll forget it all and I will return...

Monday, November 22, 2010

The Feeling!!!

I feel a certain lull
Its damp, its dark and still
I feel the pain
The pain of being numb forever
I feel it bleed
The flow thickens around me
I feel it freeze
Too cold inside to even reflect a smile

The wind of happiness
Has decided to alter its flow
The road that led to you
Has narrowed down too thin
The river of happiness
Has dried too long back
The moon that knew us
Has refused to reflect its light

I feel the rush
The drive to end it all
I feel the urge
To never let it begin again
I feel the dearth
Of hope, love and infinite joy
I feel all blue
Dont want to feel purple ever again!!!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Sea

Every time this music would play,

I’m reminded of the same old day...

The day you looked into my eyes,

The day I knew you were so wise...

The day we thought it could be us,

The day life was free of fuss...

The day you held me so tight,

Standing by the sea that night...

Saturday, September 18, 2010

The scar still hurts

The wound still bleeds,

The painful words

The unmet needs,

The smile once glowed

For the love so pure,

The feeling flowed

When we were sure,

The tide then turned

The night and day,

I looked around

And there you lay.

Friday, September 10, 2010


WE win, WE lose
WE laugh, WE cry
WE give, WE take
We let it go by...

WE love, WE hate
WE make, WE break
WE stare, WE nod
When all's at stake...

WE speak, WE hear
WE face, WE fear
WE stop, WE run
When the end is near...

WE're shy, WE're bold
WE're warm, WE're cold
We walk, We fly
Beyond the sky!!!

Friday, August 13, 2010


Across the unknown skies and the stranded seas
Where I can hear none, not even the rustling of leaves...
Where the words have given way to silence deep
Where what separates us is a tiny leap...
Though several light years away I & you stand
But I seem to touch you as I stretch my hand...
I search for places as I tread the sands of time
And wonder, oh Orion! if you'll ever be mine...

As I sit back and adore you oh warrior great!
I wonder how strange it is, our fate...
I know, how coming close to you shall have me burnt
But a strange desire to burn in your fire...
And then how it feels to you I think
If you try to come, it'll end with a blink...
And then I begin to trust you, your might
Coz I and you make a lovely sight...

And then there's love the two of us share
And that we've known the world doesn't care...
We still walk the walk of life
Bear all its struggle and strife...
Sometimes the struggle cuts us through
Pushing us apart but for moments few...
Though we are but poles apart
Yet we know nothing can make us part...
We are together and shall always be
Coz that is but our destiny...

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Quill Skill...

To inspire forever...