Thursday, December 2, 2010

Ain't no sunshine...

With two yellow roses in my bag

music in my ears and no one to nag

I lift myself up and look at the sun

trying to figure out why I smile at no one

Wondering when I will return that smile

this hurt has stayed with me for a while

This burden gets heavy for me to bear

hurting everyone, far or near

No feeling, no warmth, no happiness exist

there is all confusion, a thick mist

I beg you Thee, to help me sail through

the options are many, but days are few...


I am nice, I am bad

I am happy, I am sad

I am here, I am gone

I am right, I could be wrong...

I can smile, I can cry

I could see you just walk by

I can win, I could lose

I could fly high, if I choose...

I am the river, I am the sea

Its just tootough to be me

I am hated, I am loved too

I hate the dust, I love dew...

I wonder, I sleep, I run, I walk

I dream, I think, I write, I talk

I look at the sky, I question Thee

Why, is it so difficult to be me...

I am quiet, I am away

I might send no messge your way

Don't be disheartened, dont lose hope

My life, my friend, is all up slope...

I want to be the bird flying high

I want to be the baby who smiled just passing by

Their is but a long way to go

My tears are frozen, my feelings don't show...

I am confused, I am hurt

I've faced a lot and their's more dirt

I might be drowning but, I will learn

I'll forget it all and I will return...